What is PCI Compliance

PCI DSS 3.2: The Major Changes

May 1, 2016 PCI Blog 2

It’s that time of year, when PCI Compliance evolves and we all await the inevitable PCI DSS changes.  PCI SSC has released PCI DSS version 3.2, which represents a major turning point for the 10-year-old Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  The major turning point?  That [read more]

What is PCI Compliance?

April 23, 2016 PCI Blog 4

The payments industry is littered with acronyms.  Sometimes, I think people in the industry do it intentionally to make it more complicated than it already is – but I digress, let’s get to it and answer the question everyone is asking, “What is PCI Compliance?” PCI [read more]

PCI Validated P2PE

April 16, 2016 PCI Blog 7

In 2012, the PCI Council released a standard for point-to-point encryption, known as PCI Validated P2PE or PCI P2PE, due to the increasing number of “security” solutions in the market.  Most providers were claiming that their security solution, usually P2PE or E2EE with a splash [read more]

PCI QIR Program Explained

April 14, 2016 PCI Blog 0

PCI QIR stands for Qualified Integrators & Resellers, and the PCI QIR Program aims to train individuals to securely install payment applications within merchant environments in accordance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (currently PCI DSS v.3.1, with version 3.2 to be [read more]

What is PCI Blog?

December 10, 2015 PCI Blog 0

PCI Blog is the “unofficial” PCI blog for PCI compliance, IT Compliance and the payments industry.  Our site is run by an industry compliance expert, and remains a wholly independent source of news within the payments industry, focusing specifically on the ever-changing responsibilities of merchants [read more]