PCI QIR Program Explained

PCI QIR stands for Qualified Integrators & Resellers, and the PCI QIR Program aims to train individuals to securely install payment applications within merchant environments in accordance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (currently PCI DSS v.3.1, with version 3.2 to be released mid-2016).

Whats the purpose of PCI QIR, and why should my organization bother?

Following “the year of the data breach,” the PCI QIR program was created to address the risk of having incorrect installations of payment hardware to result in a potential data breach.  Many breach investigations found that a common theme of merchants whose data had been compromised was poorly or incorrectly installed payment applications or hardware.  Installers and resellers of payment technology play a critical role in data security, as poorly implemented solution could result in a data breach for the merchant. The PCI QIR program was intended to combat that, by providing guiding principles and procedures to install, configure, and maintain payment hardware within a merchant’s payment environment and by PCI DSS guidelines.

How much does the PCI QIR program cost?

The PCI QIR course will set you or your company back $395/candidate for the initial exam, with a $350/candidate fee for requalification, for non-participating organizations.  For participating organizations, the PCI QIR program will cost $250/candidate with the $175 requalification (every 3 years).  Exam retakes, for both participating and non-participating organizations, cost $150.  The PCI QIR course will include material on the payments industry, card brands, PCI DSS, PA-DSS and expectations of certified PCI QIRs.  The course includes:

  • Overview of PCI DSS
  • Overview of PA-DSS applications, requirements,  and the PA-DSS Implementation Guide
  • Understanding payment industry transactional processes, terminology, players and provider relationships
  • Understanding payment card brand compliance programs
  • Preparing for and performing a Qualified Installation
  • QIR quality assurance expectations

For additional information on the PCI QIR program, including the full price list and training/exam details, click here to open the official PCI QIR information page on the Official PCI Data Security Standards website.

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